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  • Grip cable lock
  • Grip cable lock
  • Grip cable lock
  • product description:

    Brand: Bo Yue security supplies

    Model: AC-02

    Color: dark red

    Material: Reinforced nylon PA

    Weight: 120g

    Cable length: 2.4m stainless steel cable

  • QQ:453499317



【Safety cable lock - grip cable lock AC-02】

a. grip cable lock lock by the impact of engineering plastic nylon PA material, can be customized other colors.

b. Use 2.4, m stainless steel cable, cable outer layer made of anti-UV PVC (diameter 3.5mm).

c. The cable can be customized for different lengths and colors.

d. can be achieved a lock beam diameter ≤ 7mm safety padlock lock.

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