Safe padlocks daily faults and coping methods
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Safe padlocks daily faults and coping methods

Safe padlocks daily faults and coping methods

1, the lock beam does not jump

Lock beam does not jump mostly due to the lock beam position tolerance is too large, the key into the lock heart, turn to the open position does not move, with a small hammer gently down beat

2, the cylinder does not turn

Not because of the friction is large, long-term do not have a safety padlock, lock cylinder and lock body appeared rust, a small amount of small to the lock cylinder into the diesel and gasoline can solve the problem.

3, the key card in the lock body

If the key from the root into the lock body, you can directly with tweezers and other tools folder out. If it is broken from the middle of the lock cylinder, can only remove the lock on the seven holes in the film, pop up and then loaded, and sealed with aluminum wire.

4, the key plug blocked

This is due to the use of a long time lead to the reasons in the key hole to send some graphite, the most commonly used is the pencil core, do not pour oil inside.